My Summer Body and My Winter Body

It's my body. Whether it is sunny August or cold and drizzly November my body is mine and there's nothing more to it. It is easy to fall into the labels of summer and winter bodies, but when you take this concept apart, you realize just how silly and incorrect it is. Decadent winter treats... Continue Reading →

Restoring a Healthy Relationship With Exercise

You would be lying if you told me that exercise hasn’t become a trend, and for many people, a topic with negative diet culture connotations; because of the recent increase in the awareness of our own bodies exercise and movement are being depicted as painful experiences that are more so a punishment than an enjoyment.... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day?

There are many things I know, and many more that I don’t and one of those things is how to be perfect. ‘Can I live a perfect day?’, this is an inquiry I had not too long ago; following this thought I reminisced a little while and came to a conclusion, which you will find... Continue Reading →

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