Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

If you're not yet pumpkined out I have yet another recipe for you: creamy, delicately spiced, earthy and sweet overnight oats, that will lift your breakfast game from 0-100 in just one night! That's correct, another PS latte recipe… I made these with my homemade pumpkin puree that doesn’t compare to the store-bought ones, so... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Asian Jackfruit Bowl

I will never not think that eating seasonally is the best - its great for our planet, local farmers and our health, so why not do it? Through choosing seasonal produce you reduce your carbon footprint as your food doesn't have to travel as far, it's often grown on farms local to you. You also... Continue Reading →

Building a Balanced Vegan Bowl

Protein. In the last couple of years this has become a buzz word in our society, with brands using it as a selling point, and people basing their meals on that particular food group, however despite the importance of having plenty of protein in our diets, there are other elements on the plate that have... Continue Reading →

Banana and Oat Pancakes

Pancakes are nostalgic for me -  I remember my mum whipping up a batch every weekend when I was younger, and me carelessly covering them in all the syrups I could find and sprinkles in every shape and colour. I have grown up from those days, and my flavour palette might have matured, but that... Continue Reading →

Brownie Berry Cheesecake Slice

When a brownie meets cheesecake in a vegan remake you get a thing of real beauty. I was inspired to create this recipe following the popularity of my Baked Vegan Cheesecake, as I wanted to create a simple alternative for those busy bees, but one that wouldn’t compromise the flavour -et voila,  a hybrid of... Continue Reading →

Snickers Energy Truffles

Remember that chocolate bar you loved as a kid, maybe you even remember it as the ‘Marathon’ bar (if you're old enough), sadly your lifestyle choice of becoming plant based, despite all of its delicious benefits, prevents you from enjoying the treat. If, like me, you think the combination of caramel, peanuts and chocolate is... Continue Reading →

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