Chocolate​, Orange and Goji Berry Superfood Oat Bars

When chocolate meets orange you know it will be good, but when that timeless combo is paired with goji berries and your favourite superfoods, then you know you are in for a winner. These bars are the perfect balance between chewy and moist, and thanks to the delicious caramel notes from the dates, they bring... Continue Reading →

New York-style (tofu) Baked Cheesecake

Cheesecake reminds me of everything good in my childhood: baking with my nana, family dinners, Christmas parties and sticking my fingers into the mixing bowl. To me, cheesecakes will always be the ultimate dessert, with its creamy texture, subtle vanilla, and a melt in the mouth base, and so the only thing that can make... Continue Reading →

As a Vegan: Social Scenes

Being in the minority during celebrations and gatherings can be, and often is, difficult; at times, you may think it is impossible that your family will accept your choice and not question you at every opportunity that arises. However, there are things each person can do to feel more included without being overly pushy. This... Continue Reading →

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