How To Break Up With Your Phone

Phones: the genius and revolutionary invention that has taken over the 21st-century market and people, but should we continue to let a box of tech have such a powerful hold over our lives? The average adult spends 3.5 hours on a mobile a day, that is 1277.5 hours in a year which converts to a... Continue Reading →

Are We Living?

And breathe… I don't know about the rest of you, but I for sure am relieved the holiday season is over. Christmas is like canapés, amazing in small amounts but to have one too many is game over. I believe in the spirit and festivities as much as anyone, but don’t get wrong, too much of... Continue Reading →

New Year, Old Me

It's that time of the year again, like all the Christmas songs quote, but is it always so beautiful and stress-free as we anticipate it to be? I know it defiantly isn’t for me. The time, between Christmas and the new year, when everyone is feeling a little heavier perhaps, and maybe a little dizzy... Continue Reading →

Integrity: My New Motive

There isn’t much I haven’t done to impress or please someone; I've paid for meals, baked cakes at 10pm for the next day, spoken to people I don't like about other people I don't like just to feel approved, or laughed at rude comments and jokes to not be singled out. Let's face it, saying... Continue Reading →

My Summer Body and My Winter Body

It's my body. Whether it is sunny August or cold and drizzly November my body is mine and there's nothing more to it. It is easy to fall into the labels of summer and winter bodies, but when you take this concept apart, you realize just how silly and incorrect it is. Decadent winter treats... Continue Reading →

Autumn Wellbeing

This one is an important topic, both for females and males alike. Everyone deserves an unwind and a couple of moments to themselves; whether it is mid-week manic, at the weekend or a daily routine, no one should skip it. Facing our daily lives can become tiring, this is a factor that makes our experiences... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day?

There are many things I know, and many more that I don’t and one of those things is how to be perfect. ‘Can I live a perfect day?’, this is an inquiry I had not too long ago; following this thought I reminisced a little while and came to a conclusion, which you will find... Continue Reading →

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