Becoming Everything I Feared.​

Living with a negative mindset for a long time can seriously alter your perceptions and views; in my case, it was the way I looked at food and how I saw my self that was affected the most. I know that many of us can easily point out our so-called flaws, but if I asked... Continue Reading →

My Journey – Part 1

It gave me safety. The eating disorder became an anchor; it kept me bound and safe, it became the only thing I knew, like a friend. But I was deceived, all of us sufferers are. I got lured into thinking that Anorexia Nervosa was my friend, that the voices in my head wanted whats best... Continue Reading →

My welcome

Thanks for joining me! "I want to write a blog", so here I am. I've been meaning to write for some time now - longing to get my word out, but always too afraid of the criticism, too afraid to tell my story, too afraid of people. Now I know that the ones that are... Continue Reading →

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