Snickers Energy Truffles


Remember that chocolate bar you loved as a kid, maybe you even remember it as the ‘Marathon’ bar (if you’re old enough), sadly your lifestyle choice of becoming plant based, despite all of its delicious benefits, prevents you from enjoying the treat. If, like me, you think the combination of caramel, peanuts and chocolate is irresistible, then this is the recipe you have been longing for – even if you hadn’t realised it.

Each truffle is a nugget of sunshine, with its chewy texture, salty note and creamy peanut flavour, all finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate and extra peanut butter, as there is never enough; this recipe is one you can not miss! 

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They are sweetened completely with dates that give a delicious caramel note, and a truly satisfying texture, and the peanuts add a subtle crunch which creates a perfect whole! If you like to add a little bit of finesse and appreciate small details, toast the peanuts on a dry frying pan for 3-5 minutes to enhance their flavour which will add more depth to the truffles – if that’s not your boat just keep it all raw, that’s also cool, they will be delicious either way.

You’re probably thinking, what’s the trick, or maybe there’s something I’m hiding? That’s the thing, there isn’t one! These are super simple and made with only 5 ingredients that are so easy to get your hands on, you won’t believe how delicious they are, and how much they resemble that old classic treat! Similarly to my Gingernut Energy Bites, these are made in one dish and are basic enough for even the worlds worst baker to get right.

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Perfect on the go, in your hand bag, on a hike, post-workout, on top of your porridge or as a dessert – there really is no wrong way to enjoy these truffles. And a bonus benefit is that they can last up to 1 month stored in an airtight container in your fridge (that’s if you can stop your self and family from munching them all up).


150g peanuts

50g oats (use gluten-ree if necessary)

150g dates (soaked in hot water if hard)

3 tablespoons peanut butter

Pinch of sea salt

Extra: 30g dark chocolate and a tablespoon of peanut butter 


Place the peanuts and oats in a food processor and pulse until a rough crumb forms.

Next, add the soft dates, peanut butter and sea salt and blend until the mix comes together into a dough-like consistency.

Form ten equally sized truffles out of the mix and place in the fridge to set.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate over a bain marie – simply boil some water in a sauce pan, place a bowl over the top so that no water escapes and it forms a lid, break up the chocolate and add to the bowl. Depending on the type of chocolate you’re using you may need to add 1/2 tsp oil to loosen it up.

Once the chocolate has melted, drizzle it over your truffles along with the extra peanut butter and place in the fridge for at leat 15 minutes to let the chocolate set.

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I hope that you enjoy this healthier take on an old classic! If you recreate this recipe tag me on instagram @wikis.vital.way and like this post for more heathy truffle ideas.

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