Are We Living?

And breathe…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for sure am relieved the holiday season is over. Christmas is like canapés, amazing in small amounts but to have one too many is game over. I believe in the spirit and festivities as much as anyone, but don’t get wrong, too much of it can be nauseating.

So now that we are well into the new year and back in our realities with the family out of the house where everything returns to its normal position, it is time to think about rebalancing our selves. It may sound too ‘zen’ or ‘not up your street’, but trust me when I say that the following things have been a revolution in my life.

Firstly, I broke through and attended my first yoga class. Oomph. I had no standards or expectations before I went as it was something completely new to me, but I can declare that it has become my new passion. Before I felt pretty lost and had no more hobbies to be engrossed in, life was like watching batter drip from a spoon; it was painfully slow and monotonous. However, since including a few yoga classes and training in my spare time, I have noticed I’m not as miserable and certainly don’t feel so alien and out of place in my own environment any longer.

Next, an equally important step, and something I’ve spoken about before: self-care. I am anticipating to take at least one night a week to apply a face mask, go watch a film, eat out, or sit with a cuppa and listen to some music; a little selfishness in a world where we give our selves away to others, almost ritually, is more than okay, I’d even say I’d prescribe it to each person. In the past year, I took the worst root, going under and over hedges, dragging my life around in circles like a never-ending roundabout, and I have come to ask my self why and what for? Do the same, and see for yourself if its worth it. 

Finally, I am going to show gratitude, because the single best way to rebalance and feel satisfied with our lives is to have a positive impact on someone’s day. I’m not talking about donating millions or flying out to Cambodia tomorrow, because that’s just unrealistic, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have enough to buy a coffee in a cafe let alone make a significant donation. So lets be real; helping others has no price tag, simple gestures within our household and friends will be enough to make an impact. If you don’t have the pennies, as most of us don’t, to donate, then bake something and take it to the homeless man you pass each morning on your way to school or work. Simile at someone in the street, or compliment your mum for her cooking and the endless housework. I now understand that small remarks make the biggest differences, and have the potential to completely change someone else’s day.

So, to all of you who feel lost and are seeking change in 2019 but just don’t know how to approach it, like me, start simple. Our beds aren’t going anywhere, we don’t have to sit guarding them all day, I, for sure, am one who is guilty of the lazy days, but this year will be different. Doing, helping, being grateful and active in our lives are the keys to feeling fulfilled. This is what living is. This year I will live.


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