New Year, Old Me

It’s that time of the year again, like all the Christmas songs quote, but is it always so beautiful and stress-free as we anticipate it to be? I know it defiantly isn’t for me.

The time, between Christmas and the new year, when everyone is feeling a little heavier perhaps, and maybe a little dizzy from all the wine, is when we are expected to finalize our new year resolutions. Such a grand concept that throws me every year, yet when put into perspective, it is just goal setting, something most of us do weekly.

This year I am choosing to go about it from a different angle, and rather than attempting to change my self as a result of ruthless self-criticisms, I am going to try and change the planet (to an extent). Yes, this will inevitably involve a personal change in some habits, however without the selfish intention. I am me, and that’s it. I’m not going about it as ‘new year, new me’ because I have come to love who I am, however, I have also grown to love the planet, and the need to help it outweighs my own needs. More of us need to be kinder to ourselves and notice that our resolutions should be things that make us happy, not others.

We can’t stop consumerism, it is what most of the economy revolves around, however, we can approach it in a different way; every item you buy is like a vote for what you want the plant to be. If you buy a plastic straw than you encourage that concept, however, if more people skip that item and carry a reusable alternative, then the demand will fall, and very simply, as will the supply. We are the engines of everything around us, and we can, therefore, determine how we want the future to look. 

Something like not taking the plastic straw in you’re cafe is a simple enough step, and it’s these minor things, these intentions, that will cause the change and eventually turn into a rhythm. The world, society, and people are constantly changing which is profoundly why I’m not doubting that, ultimately, our attitudes will improve and change will come about, not convinced? Rewind yourself 10 years, the beginnings of the true media industry, and pretty soon ‘video killed the radio star’. A change, to which everyone adapted, and no one questions it today. The same can happen, and will, with sustainability. 

So, what am I going to do? Again, the answer is simple. My new year resolution will be to think. Think before I buy, think before I cook, think before I bin something, think before I go somewhere. I want to be more thoughtful all around.

This, even if you don’t believe it, has the potential to generate change. Instead of going for the more convenient, easy, and well known to you ways, think; if you go through with them, will you harm the planet, and consequently your self?


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