Autumn Wellbeing

This one is an important topic, both for females and males alike. Everyone deserves an unwind and a couple of moments to themselves; whether it is mid-week manic, at the weekend or a daily routine, no one should skip it. Facing our daily lives can become tiring, this is a factor that makes our experiences tedious and difficult; if however, we face our day refreshed and positive, so many more things can become available for accomplishment. In this post I will share my 5 top tips for self-care in autumn, that will convert even the most tangled individual into a relaxed guru. 

Tip 1: sit down!

The dreaded chimes of doom – 6:30AM you roll out of bed and experience a quick pain from the prickling shower,. You throw on the clothes from the day before, run downstairs and chug the cup of coffee like it’s the first shot on your 18th birthday. Before you know it it’s 7:30AM, so you’re out the door; running for your bus, speeding in your car or racing on your bike to reach your first checkpoint. Phew, you made it on time. Half three, your day ends. You ponder home, run some errands on the way, maybe go to the shops to pick up dinner (another point on your to-do list) and finally turn the key to your door… Ahhh, you think, finally home. Only that it’s not quite the end of the day, you still have the washing, homework, hoovering, dinner and the dog to feed! You can’t forget about him again.your day flies by and it’s 9PM, you’re climbing back into your unmade bed to re-set and go again. Sounds familiar? This is a reality for many of us, but a magnificent change can be experienced if we take 20 minutes out of the day to relax. Try a face mask, read a book or listen to some music; this will benefit you not only physically but also mentally, a feeling of relief will strike you as if you’re levitating. Every muscle in your body will be thanking you, you will sink deeper and deeper into the chair and for a moment, a small but significant moment, you will forget the rest of the world.

Tip 2: try something new

Having a routine is great, it can keep you organized and on track, but it can also become monotonous which is when you begin to cry out for help and search for change. It’s important to revitalize your life (especially in the cold gloomy months), this can be done in many simple ways that can bring about a huge change to your wellbeing. My first idea is going to a new cafe or restaurant; this doesn’t need to be weekly, take out your friends or family to dinner or for a coffee once a month; it’s a simple act but a rewarding one, as a catchup that’s outside of the work/school manic tornado is often needed and feels extremely fulfilling when your able to tear your self away even for an hour. My second idea is a new hobby (or at least giving it a fling once), I’m talking anything from pottery making to kickboxing – you will see that varying your activities will not only keep your spare time riveting but may also open a new path of talent for you. Finally, make a new friend or talk to someone new. I know many of us like to keep our circles minimal and our close friends close (i am guilty of this too), however, there is nothing wrong in reaching out to an old friend once in a while or even making a new one. Bringing new characters in will maintain color in your life – think of it as a book, the more characters the more action there is making it more engrossing.

Tip 3: look after your body

For one reason or another seeing the words ‘look after your body’ often sets off alarm bells in peoples heads, instantly people picture endless gym hours, eating raw spinach and masses of money spent on ‘superfoods’, this does not need to be the case. Looking after our bodies is just as important as looking after our minds, in order to have the balance, both need to function harmoniously. This can be done in many ways; exercise is so important, it releases many endorphins including the ultimate feel-good hormone, serotonin. It also lowers the risks of many health issues and is a great way of socializing. Eating well is also crucial, giving our bodies the right fuel to function at peak level will significantly increase your concentration and performance in your daily tasks. Whole foods should be a key in our intake, these are things like fruit and veg, legumes and nuts and seeds, another vital point is keeping a balance of all food groups. Cutting out carbs will not make you healthy, it will do the opposite! Our bodies have been designed to utilize all of the nutrient groups, meaning in order to keep the wheels spinning we need be consuming a balance of everything (carbs, protein, and fats); this also means not battering your self and eating a damn muffin if that’s what you fancy!

I hope this short post will give you all some guidance and allow you to practice some self-care this autumn. We all deserve happiness and shouldn’t over-work or deprive ourselves of the enjoyable aspects of life; go out, have fun and most importantly feel good.

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