A Perfect Day?

There are many things I know, and many more that I don’t and one of those things is how to be perfect. ‘Can I live a perfect day?’, this is an inquiry I had not too long ago; following this thought I reminisced a little while and came to a conclusion, which you will find out a little later on.

Sat in a cafe, glimpsing at people floating in and out like a tide; some ecstatic but most in an unexplainable temper, I began to gather my thoughts and I noticed that we have become less and less joyful. We no longer care for the ones around us, and instead sit with our noses in our phones – seeking perfection perhaps? 


The comparison is not alien to anyone; we all perform it, from someone’s achievements to their appearance but, what we often miss, is that it is utterly pointless, and doing it won’t make you or anyone happier. The perfect person doesn’t exist; the perfect posts and perfect lives that we see plastered all over social media are not true reflections of anyone, and I must confess I am guilty of this too. Thing is, that we only post our best moments, nobody depicts their struggles or their Monday morning faces, consequently, we poison our society with high expectations and faultless lifestyles, which, unfortunately, are utterly impractical.

After an hour passed, I was still in the same position watching the same lost people; I soon perceived one thing, I am so lucky. Lucky to be alive. Lucky to have friends. Lucky to be happy. My perfect day doesn’t originate from me being an exemplary model of a person, it comes from much more than that: acceptance and appreciation. If instead of rushing, we take our time, slow down and notice the beauty in life, we will indeed discover the perfection that many things possess. Appreciation means not searching for more, being grateful for what we have; the way a pup may be beholden for warmth, the way you should be for your entity.

Can we have a perfect day? The short answer is yes, only if the perfection is not derived from our self-hate, converting us into critics of our own worth. Individuality is the gem of our existence, the unerring aspect to be celebrated, each one of us needs to embrace our features – we don’t asses a pack of cards for having many elements so why should we treat ourselves in any other way?

Open up your eyes, become aware of your surroundings and stop contaminating your perceptions with cynical views of your self; you will soon recognize that life can be perfect (or as close to it) and that the feeling of desolation will slip away from you and never approach you again. The fulfillment of a positive day is indescribable, and everyone deserves to experience it.

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